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Global Device Project Leader, Pharmaceutical Multinational.

own strengths.”

immediately to level up my performance by gaining more confidence in my

“Participating in Rob’s workshop provided me with insights that helped

Senior Scientist, University of Basel.

that during the workshop, so I was really positively surprised.”

positive behaviours I see around me almost every day. And I didn’t expect to hear anything like

“I finally found somebody who could analytically describe many (if not all) of the negative and

Principal HR Expert, International Banking.

reflect on many weeks later.”

improving self confidence, provided useful insights and food for thought that I continue to

worked with in a long time. His red, blue and green liners perspective and his tips for

Frankfurt, I can say that he is one of the most engaging and thought provoking trainers I’ve

“Having attended one of Rob’s taster sessions and his recent guest speaker event with PWN

Senior Scientist, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna

“Rob is an extraordinary speaker, but also a mind-challenger, a strong motivator.”

Team Mapping

Our new perspective allows you to solve problems that had before been seen as unsolvable and just part of the team make-up.

Optimised Teams

Innovative teams need diversity, disagreement and differing skills. However, too much, and you risk going from team to war-zone.

High Flyers

Highly skilled people are hard to replace but sometimes come with baggage that leads to wasteful competition within the team.


Do you want to learn how to actually change your confidence (rather than managing your low self-confidence)?

TEDx Zurich

“Red-Liners, Blue-Liners and Green-Liners – A new perspective on managing difficult social situations” at TEDx Zürich 2020.


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