Rob Thompson (left) in a workshop.

RTTA is a hand-selected group of trainers founded by Rob Thompson. By combining our extensive knowledge of people-management with our experience of training and leading groups, RTTA helps clients to optimise their interpersonal relationships and group management skills.

We have helped groups in many sectors including:
Europe’s most prestigious research institutions including multiple Max Planck Institutes & Spanish National Cancer Research Centre / CNIO (Madrid).
Local government groups including Bristol and Islington (London borough) councils.
Infrastructure/utilities including Yorkshire water.

The RTTA team of trainers have worked both in industry and with researchers. This multidisciplinary experience means we are very well placed to offer the most appropriate practices for dealing with intelligent people. We are dedicated to maximising the overall performance and productivity of our clients by improving their interpersonal and leadership skills. RTTA workshops provide our clients with the necessary soft skills to deliver real results.