Confidence3How ‘soft skills for real results’ works and how it feels in regards to your personal confidence uplift:

Diamonds and Pearls.
Many people say that they do their best work when under pressure. Phrases like “Pressure produces diamonds.” and “Pearls come from constant irritation.” get mentioned. However, research shows that humans do not react in quite the same way as carbon atoms or bi-valve molluscs.

Pessimism: the motivation killer . . .
● Pessimistic people tend to be demotivated and NEED pressure to get them going.
● Because pessimists expect to fail, they tend to look for ways to minimise the damage that failure causes rather than focus on what will bring them success.
● Because they are looking for the safety net, pessimists often miss the opportunities that would lead to success.

Realistic but optimistic.
Optimism is not about burying your head in the sand and ignoring all the problems. That is a quick route to disaster. Realistic but optimistic means that you are fully aware of the problems but you approach them with the attitude that the problems can be solved.

Confident people:
● Set more stretching goals.
● Are more resilient in the face of obstacles.
● Are freer to see and explore more solutions.

Unique programme.
Over the past 10 years RTTA has developed its own system to manage and maintain the correct level of confidence. We have helped thousands of people to be more realistically confident and so attempt and achieve more. ‘Soft skills for real results’ is both the objective and the result for you personally of a significantly upgraded confidence level.